Multi Family Residential Construction


Multi family residential construction is on the rise in response to the growing demand for affordable housing options. Millennials’ preference for urban living and the popularity of walkable, mixed-use developments are also fueling the trend. Developers and investors have jumped on board, leading to a revitalization of such Richmond neighborhoods as Church Hill, Jackson Ward, Shockoe Bottom and Manchester.

When you’re planning a multi family residential project, the earlier you choose your General Contractor, the better. Successful builds require months, even years, of careful preparation before construction even begins. From preliminary considerations like market studies, tax credits, financial projections and planning commission approval, all the way through to the final inspection, assembling a smart, experienced team is the key to achieving your ultimate goal- profitability. Choosing a local General Contractor with the right combination of financial stability, expertise, and responsiveness is critical.


At Hunnicutt Construction, we apply a relationship driven management style to multi family housing projects. Working closely with the principals during the pre-construction planning phases creates open communication based on a comprehensive understanding of the owner’s goals and fosters a clear understanding of the responsibilities of each member of the team.  We also offer Design Build services for owners and developers seeking a more integrated construction process.

Having completed our own development projects, our value extends far beyond the role of builder-we can offer worthwhile insights at every single phase of your project. Through our process of goal oriented collaborative problem solving, Hunnicutt Construction’s experienced team can bring your multi family residential construction project to completion, well within your time and budget objectives.

Contact us to learn more about our residential building services and how we can help you make Richmond a better place to live.

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