Preconstruction services

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At Hunnicutt Construction, we provide comprehensive preconstruction services designed to save you time and money. The profitability of your business venture starts with staying within your budget and scheduling needs during your build. Preconstruction meetings allow us to create an integrated, team-based approach, where we set goals, assign responsibilities, answer questions, establish ongoing open communication and address concerns as they arise.

The preconstruction discovery and planning process is designed to:

·        foster a thorough understanding of your needs and goals

·        discuss, identify & prioritize options

·        evaluate site plans

·        perform cost consulting & value engineering

·        create a comprehensive scope of work

·        conduct a thorough risk analysis

·        clarify design specifications

·        conduct permitting research

·        identify lead times to avoid unexpected delays

·        develop project timelines

·        facilitate coordination with architects and subcontractors

·        ….and more.

Forty years of experience in commercial construction has taught us the importance of properly preparing for each phase of your job. There’s simply no such thing as too much planning- and the earlier your General Contractor is brought into the process, the sooner we can start making a difference.

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